Hi! We are Bridget Hobdy and Brigid Wightman, owners and operators of Celestial Spiral. Thanks for dropping by, and welcome to our crazy little corner of the universe. We’re a couple of witches who met many years ago in design school.

Now that we’re old biddies, we thought we might as well put those design degrees to use for our own joy, so we started making the magick stickers we wanted for our personal planners. We began planning our magick, and found that using planners helped us to make magick more a part of our daily lives…and also made our days a tiny bit less crazy. In a good way.

We wanted to share this idea and see if it might inspire you, too. That’s why we create our digital pagan planner stickers (and other fun witchy products)–to bring a bit of magick to every day. We hope you will enjoy what we make.

Brightest blessings!

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