Planner Book of Shadows

Use your planner as a Book of Shadows!

Printable Pagan Planner Stickers

Plan to make magick a part of your every day life and increase your magickal mindfulness with a planner and our unique pagan planner sticker sets. Our stickers are designed to work with EC/Recollections Vertical (or Happy Planner Classic/other planners if you make adjustments).

Our stickers are different from other planner sticker sets–they’re made especially for witches to use in a planner Book of Shadows. You can customize each week with a variety of witchy headers you won’t find elsewhere, and there are lined and unlined boxes for writing the details of your daily magickal practice. In the space traditionally used for bottom washi, we have a custom celestial tracker with lines for information such as sunrise/sunset, weather, moon phase/astrological sign, and other data. We use the bottom line of ours to keep a countdown to the next Pagan holiday (never have a Sabbat sneak up on you again).

Check our Etsy shop every week for new sets and designs to enhance your magick every day!