Digital/Printable Pagan Planner Stickers – Summer Magick Bundle


Welcome summer in with a firecracker’s bang using our digital pagan planner stickers. The “Summer Magick” sticker set features fireworks and fiery hot colors to heat up your Planner Book Of Shadows on Litha and all through the season.

Mix and match your magickal and daily planning needs with both our Planner Book Of Shadows “Summer Magick” set and the coordinating Daily Planner Add-On kit for one special price.

Plan to make magick part of your every day life and increase your magickal mindfulness with our digital / printable Pagan planner stickers and your tablet, phone, computer or paper planner. Our unique sticker sets are made for the modern witch, designed for both printing AND use in digital planners (they work great with Goodnotes or another PDF annotating app).

These stickers are different from other planner sticker sets–they are made especially for witches. With this bundle you can customize your weekly layout with a variety of witchy headers you won’t find elsewhere plus a range of daily planner headers. There are lined and unlined boxes for writing the details of your daily magickal practice, plus checklists to help you organize both your daily life and witchcraft, trackers, days and dates stickers, decorated month names and years. We include both a bottom washi-sized custom celestial tracker and a special decorative bottom washi to replace our celestial tracker if you prefer. There are also loads of magick symbols, icons for both magickal and daily planner use, and themed decorative stickers such as washi strips and full-sized deco boxes.

About this design:

Welcome summer in with a firecracker’s bang using our digital planner stickers. The “Summer Magick” sticker set features fireworks and fiery hot colors to heat up your Planner Book Of Shadows on Litha and all through the season. It includes deco boxes celebrating the magick of summer nights, plus red-hot triquetras, triskelions and pentacles, and golden Summer Solstice zodiac signs, elemental symbols, and suns. The “Summer Magick Daily Planner Add-On” set features the same fireworks-filled night skies and summer color theme of fiery red, orange, and gold. This add-on set includes the kinds of stickers you might need if you prefer to mix both daily life and magickal planning in one single planner. And as an added bonus, the Daily kit includes an exclusive set of “Summer Fun” stickers to add a lighthearted touch to your layouts.

Enhance the power of your spells with the summer sun, enjoy the warm breezes of summer nights, and have a wonderful Litha. 🙂

Need even more stickers for your summer layouts? The colors in “Summer Magick” match the warm shades in our “Witch Crafting Basic: Brights” set.

What you will receive:

Four zip files. The first two are GoodNotes zip files containing all the stickers. The second two zip files contains all the stickers as separate 300 DPI PNG files with transparent backgrounds.

To use the first zip in GoodNotes you need to upload the “” file to iCloud (or another cloud storage service supported by your device, such as Dropbox) and then import using your GoodNotes app. A notebook filled with all the stickers in this set will appear in your list of documents.

Any PDF annotation app will be able to use the PNG files in the other zipped folder. Generally, apps other than GoodNotes require you to add PNG files one at a time.


This is a digital product, and no physical items will be shipped to you. We’re sorry, but once the files are downloaded they CANNOT be exchanged, cancelled or refunded. If you have problems, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

While we do not include cutlines or blackout files for use in sticker machine software, the PNG files are 300 DPI and can be taken into Silhouette Studio or similar software to generate cutlines and print. (Be sure you use the PNG files from the second zip file, not the .goodnotes zip)

Color may vary from one device to another.

You may print out or use these stickers as many times as you wish in your digital planners, but please remember, they are for personal use only. Please do not distribute or sell copies of these files.

Check out our Celestial Spiral Etsy Shop for a selection our of digital and printable witchy designs for your planner. Also drop by our Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter to @ and tag us to show us how the stickers look in your planner book of shadows!


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